”Lora is first and foremost a wonderful lady with a kind and caring heart. She gave me wonderful advice about breastfeeding and helped me to remember my goals and reassure me in them. I would whole heartedly recommended her to any tired mama in need of some help with baby, trying to catch up on sleep, or doing some light cleaning. Her encouragement alone makes her an asset for any weary mama.”

—Amy Geders
Huntington, IN


“My husband and I had a few consulting sessions with Lora leading up to the birth of our son. The materials she provided and knowledge she shared left us feeling excited, empowered, and equipped for the birth. We felt informed and at ease during the entire birth process. We loved the overall experience! We highly recommend working with Lora.”

—Colleen Schramm
Indianapolis, IN


“My journey with Lora began when I was pregnant with my second child. I had hired a doula for labor and delivery and my doula was discussing a postpartum plan with me. She mentioned that postpartum doula services would be a good fit for my projected needs; however, she was unable to provide those services herself, at that current season in her life. I asked for recommendations and Lora came highly recommended. I also remembered reviewing Lora’s professional scope on the Doula Network of Fort Wayne, with familiarity. I consulted with Lora over the phone and invited her to connect in person, to see if this type of service would be a good fit. It was. Lora has an extremely welcoming and sensitive spirit. She is an excellent listener and goes the extra mile for mom and baby. She is a helpful combination of flexibility and structure, which allowed for much to be accomplished, even as a circumstance changed. Although task oriented, Lora takes the time to pause with you, making sure your heart and mind are getting the nourishment they need. When I think back on my experience postpartum with Lora, and what stood out most to me, was, “her willingness to serve.” She’s also able to whip up tasty food! She truly thinks of everyone and everything. Punctual and professional. Great heart. A postpartum doula, and specifically Lora, was the best “self-care,” investment. Highly recommended.” 

—Natalie Macke
Roanoke, IN


“Lora is indescribably amazing.
She helped me through the hardest time of my life. I unfortunately have an angel baby and Lora being the only bereavement doula around did an incredible job. I felt loved, cared for, supported, and respected. I highly, HIGHLY recommend her to anyone expecting a baby.” 

—Alex Griggs
Warsaw, IN


“Lora is a blessing to say the least! She was helpful from day one and continued to be supportive and informative from prenatal, labor/delivery, and throughout postpartum. She provided affirmations and guidance that helped me enjoy my pregnancy and labor process! I couldn't have delivered naturally without her - she is a WONDERFUL doula!!”

—Ciara Whalen
Decatur, IN


“As both a birth and postpartum doula, Lora was a Godsend! During the birth of my baby, she was there every step of the way. She offered encouragement, support and creative suggestions without being pushy and went the extra mile during my long labor. Having her there was also very helpful when my husband needed an extra pair of hands and also a moment to rest. Plus it was a wonderful surprise to come home to a tidy house! Afterward, she was extremely helpful with running errands, housekeeping, organization, meal prep and advice which allowed me to recover and focus on my baby. My husband also felt that she is trustworthy, reliable and that her services were worth every penny.”

— Tina Luther Schmit
Bryant, IN


“Lora was my postpartum doula when I gave birth to my son. I can not say enough amazing things about how great it was to have Lora in my home during this transitional period. Lora prepared healthy snacks for me which was very important in my breastfeeding journey, did light housework including laundry, and held baby for me so I could take a shower and just have a few minutes of "me" time. I will never forget my time with Lora during those first days as a new mom. If you are on the fence about needing or wanting a postpartum doula and are considering Lora, DO IT!! You will not be disappointed and you don’t realize how much you need her!”

— Jennifer Vallow
Roanoke, IN


“Lora is great! She was so helpful and her work was worth every penny. We used Lora as a birth and postpartum doula. She made the birth and after birth process so much easier for my wife and I.”

—Edward Schmit
Bryant, IN


“Lora was amazing as my postpartum doula. She made herself at home, so I didn't feel like I had to be a host. She saw what needed to be done and did it. That included everything from light house work to helping with my older children to prepping snacks to just being someone to talk things through with. She was comfortable, which made me comfortable. Lora was great at following my lead for when and how much contact I needed when she wasn't here. She also found me some great local resources and lent me a few books. I will definitely hire Lora again if I have another baby!”

—Kathryn Donaldson
Markle, IN


“Lora provided postpartum doula services for me and I can't recommend her enough! She was super supportive and helpful as I adjusted to my third child-- helping me with care of my older boys as I tended to the baby. She also helped me take care of me-- something no one else really did for me. She encouraged and also provided the help that allowed me to put my feet up and rest and take a nap. She helped me with light housework (folding laundry, washing fruits and veggies, sweeping my floor, etc.) which was a huge load off my overburdened mind. She also listened and provided emotional support while I discussed various postpartum emotions. Definitely recommend her!”

—Dawn Etzel
Fort Wayne, IN


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