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Your doula is a valuable member of your birth team who will support you in a non-judgmental and unbiased way. You can expect her to hear you, accept you, and care for you. She strives to hold your birthing space as a place where you feel safe so that you can come out on the other side satisfied with your experience.

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Antepartum and Postpartum Services

Lora is a Certified Postpartum Doula, supporting and encouraging women and their families before and after the birth of a baby or babies. Her primary focus is to "mother the mother" making sure that the mother's emotional and physical needs are met. At the same time, she is educating on newborn care and supporting other members of the family during these periods of adjustment. She holds a high value on self care during pregnancy and postpartum and the first few weeks parents have with their newborn. Her mission is to ease burdens and make this life transition less overwhelming.

Antepartum is the time period before the baby is born and can be defined as from conception to delivery. Antepartum services can be retained in cases such as limited physical conditions like extreme "morning" sickness, high-risk pregnancy, doctor-ordered bedrest, stress, disease, carrying multiples, single parent, teenage pregnancy, military family, or just because. A pregnant woman’s needs vary, and Antepartum services include, but are not limited to: physical and emotional support, perinatal depression, self care help, nutrition, simple meals, snacks, light housekeeping, laundry, nursery preparation, errands, sibling care, companionship, packing for the birth, home organization, freezer meals.

Postpartum is the time immediately after the birth of the baby or babies. There is no determined cut off for postpartum. Three months to one year is a good guide, but could depend on the experience of the mother and whether a baby is premature or full term and has special medical conditions. Lora focuses on the emotional and physical needs of the mother, as well as helping the family feel confident in their roles.

Postpartum help includes the same as listed for Antepartum, as well as breastfeeding/supplemental feeding support, C-section recovery, assistance with care of the newborn, overnights, education on topics such as attachment parenting, scheduling, routines, knowledge of postpartum conditions, such as anxiety/depression, physical and emotional support, self care help, nutrition, meals, snacks, light housekeeping, laundry, errands, sibling care, companionship, home organization, managing visitors, and resources.

Day and Night Shifts available.

Day and Night in-hospital postpartum support is also available.

This option is an excellent choice for any birth. Lora will join you at the hospital and can assist mom with baby so that mom can recover, stay in bed, choose to have baby with her while doula stays awake, and infant care and postpartum education. Doula will tend to the mom's every need, as well as help when she needs to call the nurse. To have the continual support and encouragement can be a game changer for mom while she is in the immediate postpartum recovery.

(Please inquire about a repeat client, single parent, or military discount.)


Labor and Birth Services

Personalized Birth Support Options

Labor and Birth Support include Lora's undivided attention, whether you choose an unmedicated or medicated labor or a scheduled or unplanned c-section. A personalized environment will be created to help you to feel secure. Your needs will be assessed from emotional, physiological, social, and esteem. You will be helped with a variety of coping techniques to remain active and present in your labor. Lora will continue to educate and help you process information and decisions including laboring and birthing options. She is also working for and with dad or other support persons. Your doula prenatal visits are times for intaking what is important to you, your experiences and desires, and asking questions. This encompasses most of the first prenatal visit. The second prenatal is a time to go over comfort techniques and practice movement with you and your spouse/partner/support person, if possible. Also covered will be postpartum topics as well as planning for postpartum. The first visit can be done anywhere, and you will be given resources at that time. The second visit is preferably done in your home with one support person present.

Premium Birth Package includes:

Two-three prenatal visits to prepare for birth; educational resources; email, phone, and text support; doula on-call time; labor and delivery support*; immediate postpartum and feeding support; and two 3 hour postpartum visits.

Standard Birth Package includes:

Two prenatal visits to prepare for birth; educational resources; email, phone, and text support; doula on-call time; labor and delivery support*; immediate postpartum and feeding support; and one, 3 hour postpartum visit.

Basic Package (birth excluded) includes:

Two prenatal visits to prepare for birth; email, phone, and text support; educational resources; one 3 hour postpartum visit.

Please inquire about a repeat client, single parent, or military discount.

Scheduled Caesarean Section

Lora is currently seeking clients who are planning a C-section. Please inquire about a special to serve you for your scheduled C-section surgery.


Consultation Services

These options are provided for long-distance clients; clients that want to be prepared and informed but can’t afford a doula in their budget; and for parents that feel confident in their ability to support each other; yet need more information and encouragement. Sessions will be informational as well as hands on. Consultations are not in place of childbirth education classes. See Resources for suggestions for CBE classes or call Lora for a personal recommendation.

Consultation: $150

One consultation session on your choice of topic/s, such as labor and birth preparation, postpartum preparation, birth team and plan, fear and anxiety, coping techniques, etc., totaling 3 hours. Similar to a doula prenatal session and packed full of information, resources, and practical tips.
No purchase limit.
(Consultation time and fee can be applied toward a contract.)

Phone-A-Doula, 60 minutes $35

A phone consultation may be just for you. This is not the same as an interview or free pre-hire consultation. This is a time to get some one-on-one doula emotional support for birth or postpartum, encouragement, knowledge and resources; postpartum tips; birth processing; whatever it is you are needing.
(Phone consultation time and fee can be applied toward a contract.)


Bereavement services

In the cases of loss in any trimester, you are not alone. Please contact us or see your options for support here.


Gift Certificates

Purchasing a Gift Certificate for doula services is a practical way to send your love and support to an expectant woman and her family, whether you are a family member or friend, in town or out of town. You can do this by sending the contribution amount by Paypal, Venmo or land mail, and we’ll do the rest.

Follow these steps:
1. send payment by Paypal to (use friends and family option), or Venmo @Lora-Schnurr, or contact us for check payment. Please note with payment, “gift certificate for….”
2. give recipient’s name and email address
3. give your name and email address
4. designate which email address to send Gift Certificate

Please contact NE Indiana Doula Services with questions.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates