“Doula” is an Ancient Greek word meaning "a woman who serves."

Today's doulas are trained to assist a woman in labor, childbirth, and the postpartum period (after the baby is born).  She provides emotional and physical support, education, and information to help parents transition through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, understand their needs, adjust to parenthood and how to care for their baby.

Examples of emotional support are affirmation, continuous presence, praise, mirroring, working through fear, visualization, and debriefing. Examples of physical support are touch, massage, counter pressure, creating environment, assisting with hydrotherapy, suggesting movement and position changes, and meeting nutritional needs.

Northeast Indiana Doula Services’ mission is to encourage, educate, and empower women during some of the most vulnerable times of their lives, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, or loss.

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Note: A Doula is not a medical professional or care provider, baby nurse, or midwife. The role of a baby nurse is the care of the newborn only. The role of a midwife is the safe delivery of a baby and the medical care of the laboring woman. The role of a doula is emotional and physical support, recovery, and education.