Bereavement is the period of grief and mourning after a death. 
There is no right way to experience Bereavement


If you would like to provide financial support so we are able to donate bereavement doula services to those in need, you can make a gift donation through Paypal to or Venmo @Lora-Schnurr. Checks can be made payable to Lora Schnurr. Donations are not tax deductible

Lora Schnurr SBD PCD

Lora Schnurr SBD PCD


If you are here and have experienced a loss or are expecting a loss, I validate you, your pregnancy, and your baby or babies. You are a parent to this little one, and Northeast Indiana Doula Services offers non-judgmental support. You have permission to welcome your baby, love, and grieve. Lora has no expectations of you or from you and am not afraid of your grief, anger, or sadness. Here are the ways that you can receive support::

  • Bereavement Labor & Birth Doula services are available for loss in any trimester in the hospital labor & delivery unit, hospital emergency room*, or in the case of miscarriage at home (as long as you are under the care of a medical provider). Labor and Birth Support include Lora's undivided attention, whether you choose an unmedicated or medicated labor or a scheduled or unplanned c-section. An environment will be created to help you to feel safe and secure. Your needs will be assessed. You will be helped with a variety of coping and comfort techniques to remain active and present in your labor. Lora will continue to educate and help you process information and decisions including laboring and birthing options. She is also working for and with dad or other support persons. If there is time, we will schedule doula prenatal appointments and plan, and practice, your support for labor, delivery and postpartum.

  • Bereavement Antepartum & Postpartum Doula services are available for home or hospital.

    Antepartum is before the baby is born and can be defined as the time period from conception to delivery. Antepartum services can be retained in cases such as limited physical conditions like extreme "morning" sickness, high-risk pregnancy, doctor-ordered bedrest, stress, disease, carrying multiples, single parent, teenage pregnancy, military family, or just because. A pregnant woman’s needs vary, and Antepartum services include, but are not limited to: physical and emotional support, perinatal depression, self care help, nutrition, simple meals, snacks, light housekeeping, laundry, errands, sibling care, companionship, planning for birth, home organization.

    Postpartum is the time immediately after the birth of the baby or babies. There is no determined cut off for postpartum. Lora focuses on the emotional and physical needs of the mother. Postpartum help includes the same as listed for Antepartum, as well as C-section recovery, knowledge of postpartum conditions, such as anxiety/depression, and especially in the case of loss, not being alone.

  • If you are needing to plan funeral arrangements, please request Lora's brochure of Fort Wayne Funeral Homes and Cemeteries.

  • If you would like resources, please request Lora’s list of local, and online, grief resources.

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Visit StillBirthDay for comprehensive information, birth plans, education, and resources.
Lora's SBD site 

*note - If you have the option, and it’s not an emergency, contact your care provider first about seeing him/her or being admitted. If you feel it is an emergency, then head to the ER or call 911. Work with your doctor or midwife to decide where you should be and how you should safely be supported. Emergency rooms are usually not the best environment for parents to experience a loss.

A Doula is not a medical professional or care provider, baby nurse, or midwife. The role of a baby nurse is the care of the newborn only. The role of a midwife is the safe delivery of a baby and the medical care of the laboring woman. The role of a doula is emotional and physical support and recovery and education.

The cost for bereavement services varies per individual situation. Talk with your care provider about recommending bereavement birth or postpartum services for your situation and check with your insurance for coverage.

Rates for birth will vary from $0-$1000. Antepartum/Postpartum will vary from $0-$25/hr with packages available.

Bereaved parents may choose to “Pay it forward” and make a donation to services in their baby’s name

** Lora is not an abortion doula, aka “full spectrum” doula. In cases of loss, it is sometimes medically advised, for a variety of reasons, to terminate a pregnancy. If this is you, Lora will work with loss clients on a case-by-case basis. She believes life begins at conception and that every life has value in the eyes of God. If you are facing something hard and needing to talk, no matter what’s going on, she is available to listen. If you have contemplated abortion, or had an abortion, and need someone to hear you in confidence, Lora will hear you.

Thank you for coming. Your presence made a huge difference.
— Bereaved Grandmother, Fort Wayne, IN