Research shows that hiring a doula can shorten labor time, reduce chances of unnecessary interventions, provide pain management, reduce stress and anxiety, help spouse/partner feel more confident, shorten recovery time, produce greater maternal satisfaction.

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Lora Schnurr, Northeast Indiana Doula Services

Lora Schnurr, Northeast Indiana Doula Services

Can I Hire you again
when we decide to have another?!
— A.G., Fort Wayne

Lora Schnurr SBD CPD

Lora is a lifelong resident of Fort Wayne. She and her husband have owned and operated a local retail business, Olde Oak Tree Amish Furniture, since 2001 and have four adult children (two married), and two grand children. She has spent the past 28 years investing in her family, including 16 years as a home school teacher. The years when her children were young and at home were precious years of her life, and she remembers well the emotions, vulnerability, joy and challenges of having babies.

Lora is a Certified Labor & Birth, Postpartum, and Bereavement Doula, supporting families before, during, and after the birth of a baby or babies. A doula's job is "mothering the mother," with the bulk of her attention on the needs and recovery of the mother, while also helping with newborn care. Lora provides non-medical, non-judgmental support, and is a valuable asset to your perinatal team. She serves her clients in hospitals, birthing centers, and homes. Lora is hospitable, nurturing, observant, respectful and sensitive by nature, and finds joy in working with, and serving as a nurturer to women and their families. 

Lora has been serving Fort Wayne and surrounding area families as a doula since 2016.

Trainings include: Doula Trainings include New Beginnings Birth, ProDoula Postpartum, StillBirthDay Birth and Bereavement. Additional trainings are
Certified Lactation Specialist; First Aid CPR and AED, PFA (Psychological First Aid) Certified, Spinning Babies, B.E.S.T. (Birth Emergency Skills Training), ServeSafe Food Handler (for postpartum care)



To encourage, educate, and empower women during some of the most vulnerable times of their lives, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, or loss


Note: A Doula is not a medical professional or care provider, baby nurse, or midwife. The role of a baby nurse is the care of the newborn only. The role of a midwife is the safe delivery of a baby and the medical care of the laboring woman. The role of a doula is emotional and physical support, recovery, and education.